South Dakota Residency Has Its Benefits

Having South Dakota residency is very advantageous and people are taking notice. The requirements are simple. Call us for direct assistance- 1 (877) 779-3713

* NO State Income Tax – Personal or Corporate
* Low Vehicle Registration Fees
* Easy Residency Requirements
* Low Vehicle Sales Tax of 4%
* No Wheel Tax
* Comparable Vehicle Insurance



Many travelers and overseas workers choose South Dakota residency because of the benefits it affords. No state income tax, only 4% sales tax on vehicle and RV purchases, a state sales tax of 4%, and an easy process to become a resident. Choosing Mail Route 40 mail forwarding service in South Dakota allows you to start the process of becoming a resident there, but there are two things you need to do first: get a South Dakota driver’s license, and register your vehicles in South Dakota.

People who have lived in a state for many years may feel a connection to that state and question if there is a good reason to become a resident of a different state when they start travelling full-time. Most quickly discover that there are good financial reasons for changing residency. All states are different in the range of fees and costs of registering and insuring vehicles. You can possibly save thousands of dollars if you register a newly purchased vehicle in a state that has low sales tax.

Top Things to Consider For South Dakota Residency
Driver’s License– You must get a driver’s license from your state of residence and you need to do this in person.
Vehicle Registration– Vehicles must be registered and insured in the state where you have your driver’s license and residency. In SD, this can be done by mail and by phone, but there are several forms to fill out for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Mail Route 40 has a staff member that specializes in helping people through the process.
Voting– Voter registration can sometimes be done at the same times driver’s licenses are purchased. Voting in national elections can be done by absentee ballot. States have different requirements for registering for local elections.
Health Insurance– This should be purchased in your state of residency. If you are on Medicare, you should notify them of your new address after you establish residency in your new state. If you are on a health insurance plan with your employer or previous employer (retirees), you should check with them about your change of state residency to make sure you are still covered.
Taxes– South Dakota has NO state income taxes. Call us to see how changing your state residency will affect your tax liability.

SD- RV Friendly State
South Dakota is a good choice for Legal Residence for Full-Time RVers

  • When purchasing a vehicle, there is only a 4% excise tax, but no other sales tax to pay.
  • There is no state income tax.
  • Vehicle registration fees are reasonable.
  • There is no state vehicle inspection required.
  • Vehicle insurance is much lower than many states.
  • State of SD only requires you to renew your driver’s license, in person, every five years.