Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mail Route 40?

South Dakota Mail Route 40 is a small community of Residents, Travelers, Overseas Workers, and Military Personnel that keep their Home Base in South Dakota.  We share stories, travels, hot tips, friendship, and access to mail and delivery services.  Our Home Base address is located in Hill City in the shadows of Mount Rushmore and numerous peaks.  The small western town is tucked into the middle of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

How do I get Started with mail forwarding and a physical address?

There are two ways to sign up:
1) Call us at (877) 779-3713 and we will walk you through it.
2) EMAIL- Email us at and we will email you the necessary forms.

Why choose South Dakota as your Home Base?

* NO State Income Tax – Personal or Corporate
* Low Vehicle Registration Fees
* Easy Residency Requirements
* Low Vehicle Sales Tax of 4%
* No Wheel Tax
* No annual Inspections
* No State Inheritance Tax
* Comparable Vehicle Insurance

South Dakota has low taxes, business friendly environment, low crime rate, and a myriad of landscapes and recreation. One of the sunniest places in America, SD consistenly ranks #1 for retirement, #1 for entrepreneurs, and #2 for friendliest tax climates. You can compare SD to your State’s taxes on our State Tax Comparison Dynamic Graph.

On top of being economically friendly, South Dakota is one of the most beautiful places in the country. From Mount Rushmore in the exquisite Black Hills, to the Badlands and prairie river landscape, people love to come to Dakota country. There are tons of recreational and camping opportunities across the State. Check out Travel South Dakota and our Recreation page.

How do I become a South Dakota Resident?

Having your home-base South Dakota address with Mail Route 40 allows you to apply for South Dakota Residency. There are some requirements, but they are simple and well worth it. We can walk you through the process. Call us toll free at 1-(877) 779-3713.

What do I need to register my vehicle in South Dakota?

Each vehicle registration is a unique situation.  Call Mail Route 40 and we will register your vehicle in South Dakota for you.

How do I obtain a South Dakota drivers license?

Getting a SD Driver’s License is not hard, but it does require some planning and preparation.

DMV Requirements

1. Passport -OR- Certified Birth Certificate

2. Social Security Card, 1099, -OR- W-2 with full Social Security Number.

3. Campground, Motel, or Hotel Receipt with your new SD Address, and the address of Campground, Motel, or Hotel.

4. PMB Receipt showing your valid SD Address


For more detailed info Call Us or check out the websites below:

CLICK HERE for State of SD Drivers License Requirements

How do I register to vote in South Dakota?

Registering to vote requires a Voter Registration form with an original signature, and it must be received by the auditor 15 days before any election you wish to vote in. (must have a SD driver’s License) Call Mail Route 40 at (877) 779-3713 for assistance with this process. Click HERE for SD Voter Info.